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Coaching, training and mentoring have always been a passion of mine and combined with 15 years of representing Great Britain I've always wanted to offer new ways of passing on my knowledge, experience and expertise.

I'm passionate about coaching and helping individuals transform both mentally and physically through consistency and flexibility to work around the day to day pressures of daily life. With Trained by Tarrant I will become your online coach and tailor-make fitness and meal plans to suit your needs.

If you have a clear goal but are unsure of how to achieve it then fill in a lead form found below. The lead form is non-committal but tells me you're driven enough to take the first step towards achieving your goal and to arrange a call.

Start your journey with me today.


Fitness Plans

Whether you're looking for a rowing plan, general fitness plan or weights plans I can help you. If you want to lose weight, gain weight, put on muscle or increase fitness, I can help you.

Meal Plans

At the heart of every good training session is a structured nutrition plan. I can build you macro specific meal plans that are tasty, full of variety and specific to you, your food preferences and possible intolerances. You know the saying "You can't out-train a bad diet" well let me tick those boxes and take care of both the training and the eating so you can focus on enjoying the process.

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