14/07/2013 - World Cup III

Posted by on Monday, September 9, 2013
Today saw Matthew and his crew race their first B final of the season. After a fantastic performance just one week ago at Henley Royal Regatta, Matthew and co arrived at the beautiful lake Lucerne in Switzerland feeling confident yet fatigued. As the green light was shown in their heat, Matthew's four looked in fine form up to the 1000m marker where it became apparent that the the crew were struggling to hold their speed. Matthew's crew crossed the line in 4th pushing them into the reps later in the day. Matthew went on to win the Rep easily. In the semi, Matthew's four finished 4th and so did not qualify for the A final. The following day Matthew and his crew shot out of the starting blocks only to find themselves near the back of the pack. As the race progressed down the course Matthew's crew fell back into 5th place and with a last final sprint to the line they crossed the finish in 4th place 0.02 seconds behind 3rd.